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4K Dual Link DVI Active Optical Cable

P/N: 826001
Conductor: BC & Fiber Optic
Sheath: TPE
Test Limit: SimplayLabs Test
Frequency: 2560x1600@60Hz
Color: Black
Wiring: PCB
Length: 0.5m-300m
Cable Diameter: 4.7mm
Compatiable Devices


Behpex AOC cable is the next generationin active optical cable systems. It features   completely redesigned electronics to connect devices with the highest performance. Lowest power consumption, and lowest cost over the greatest distance up to 300m.   Compared with traditional copper cable, AOCCable is not only longer, softer, and slimmer, But also offers better signal quality with theneed for external power.

It can perfectly transmit 4K@144Hz HDR video to distances up to more than 300m.

Key Features

➢ Gold-plated DVI-D connectors to minimize RFI and EMI interference, ensuring high-speed, error-free transmission

➢ Compatible with Dual Link Wired DVI-D(24+1) and DVI-I(24+5),   more bandwidth   than   Single Link   

➢ 2K Video Resolution support up to 2560x1600 @ 60Hz including 2560x1440, 1920x1200, and 1080p (Full HD)

➢ Long Distance Transimission withoutsignal attenuation, maximum lengthcan be up to 300m

➢ Plug and Play, no external power required

➢ Mirror & Extended Display

➢ Flexible TPE Jacket Available

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Key Features